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Exterior Products

Select Technologies has a wide selection of accessories for your vehicles exterior.

Tonneau Covers If you've got a truck, adding a tonneau cover to your bed is a great add on. Tonneau covers provide loads of essential benefits, keeping a lid on loose items, protecting against potentially damaging weather conditions, like rain, snow and extreme sun, and keeping your cargo out of sight from potential thieves. Covers add a sleek look that range from smooth leather grain patterns to ultra-custom color matched style.
Vent Visors Ventvisor Window Deflectors are custom made for your vehicle. Available sets include front, rear, or front and rear combos. Leave your windows down a few inches rain or shine. Ventvisors will help cut back on wind noise and keep the rain out still allowing you to get fresh air.
Bug Shields Protect your truck or SUV. A bug shields create a wind stream pushing the bugs or debris over the top of the truck. Adding a bug shield will help keep many chips and scratches, along with the bugs, off your vehicle.
Bed Liners Bed Liners include a variety of engineered features that protect the vehicle from impact, abrasion and other common causes of damage.10% of
Nerf Bars Act as a step to ease entry and exit from your truck or SUV. Nerf Bars aid in damage prevention helping to protect the vehicle when crossing rocks off-road.
Running Boards Used among SUVs, trucks, and other off-road autos they provide an easy way of entering and exiting the vehicle. Providing a safer and wider stepping surface.
Back Up Cameras This back up aid will allow you to see while backing up to a hitch, parking, or checking up on a trailer. The camera is positioned on the backside of your vehicle and the monitor is positioned on the dashboard. This is very helpful especially if you drive a big vehicle.
Back Up Sensors These sensors detect the presence and proximity of objects in the pathway of the reversing vehicle and warn the driver through an audible signal. Back up sensors can help to prevent children or pedestrians from being struck and injured by reversing vehicles. They can also help protect your vehicle or items from damage done while backing into unseen objects.
LED Lighting Looking for a premier undercar kit? We have kits with three million color combinations and 18 different modes, all viewable from the real-time remote display. Combinations can be mixed using the most advanced remote available.

Here is a few additional exterior products we offer:

  • Striping Kits
  • Spoilers & Wings
  • Brush Guards
  • Grill Inserts
  • Driving Lights
  • Toolboxes

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