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Marine Audio

Boating is all about good times, and there is no better way to set the mood than music and lights. Getting the right sound on the water can be more challenging than adding a home stereo or upgrading your car audio system. The open marine environment is affect by many factors including motor and wind noise. Also this open environment allows sound to escape in every direction. Select Technologies has the products and knowledge to attack these challenges head on. Come see what solutions we have for your boat. Don’t miss the opportunity to set your boat apart.

Rock the boat all day long with top marine audio gear and controls. But by night, set a stunning atmosphere by turning on you underwater and interior accent lighting. The amazing glow from the boat will have heads turning as people are attracted to the majestic beauty. Turn down the music and enjoy your favorite songs reproduced in crystal clear perfection. Music, lights, and boating on the open water will leave lasting memories for both you and your friends’ years to come.

Why Select Tech

Select Technologies offers a full lineup of leading edge marine audio systems. We carry the most popular marine audio systems and other high-tech products including Recreational Vehicle Audio, Underwater lighting, Interior accent lighting, IPod interfacing, Underwater Cameras, and Video Solutions.

Get the brand names you love installed by Select Technologies the marine audio and electronics specialist you can trust. Some of the marine brands that we offer are: Wet Sounds, Memphis Car Audio, Clarion, Skylon, Kicker, Sony, SIRIUS Satellite Radio, Ocean LED, XS Power & more…

Installing / Replacing Boat Head Units / Receivers: We’ve got the latest marine receivers. Our head units will control a multi amp system with the features you want, like wired remotes, Satellite Radio, MP3, and even video.

Speaker Installation / Upgrades: Install, replace, or go wild with multiple pairs.

Adding Subwoofers: We can add a little thump to your system to give it that full range sound. Or add some serious power for that deep rumble. We can add 10’s, 12’s, or even a 15” marine subwoofer.

Wake Tower Systems

Tower Speaker Systems: We can wire any tower for speakers, and we have several different options for tower speakers.

Satellite Radio: Sit back and let the tunes come to you, great for boating.

iPod Interfacing: Many levels of iPod interfacing, from aux port, to complete iPod controls.

Recreational Vehicle Systems

Recreational Audio Solutions: Designed to provide a high-end audio system literally anywhere. Power Water Craft’s, Motorcycles, snowmobiles, Golf Carts, ATV's and anything you can put your imagination to.

Adding Wired Remotes: Control your head unit from a remote location like off the back swim platform, or in a convenient location near the driver, or both.

Lighting & Accessories

Underwater and Interior Lighting / Cameras: Lighted speaker rings, LED strip lighting, underwater LED solutions, tower and trailer lighting, underwater dock lighting, in boat or underwater camera systems, and more…

Amplifiers: Highly recommended for boating. We can bring you system to life.